I am always asked.....

.....What IS The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club?

Why am I asked this?  Because people LOVE the name… they love saying it as a tongue twister and because you CAN’T say it without smiling – but none of that tells you what it is..... soooo…..

The concept behind The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club is all about education: giving valuable information to women in business, via an accessible and affordable platform. Everything we learn is clearly explained and tangibly linked to implementable actions which support you in achieving consistent business growth.  

For £17 a month, you will have wonderful access to:

  • An online workshop delivered by experts in their field, covering a wide range of essential business skills. (You can watch LIVE or receive the recording later).
  • Worksheets to accompany each session, allowing you to personalise the workshop and create tangible goals for YOUR business.
  • The ‘Clarity Vault’ which is jam-packed...
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Collectively; we are the solution, this INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY

“When women are happy, families are happy. When women are productive, the world moves. We have incredible power and we don’t even realise it. But it feels bloody incredible once you do! To see that spark reignite in the groups of women I work with is the reason I do what I do”.

What a year 2018 is already! This Thursday, 8th March 2018, marks International Womens Day and it feels like a reason to celebrate all that we are, all that we do and all that we WANT to do, for ourselves, our families and our communities.

We are a part of a movement.  A positive movement of knowing that the possibilities are there for us to grasp.  In the past, the “possibilities” may have felt like they were out of reach, not for us.  The “tall poppy syndrome” was expected, so that when a woman became successful, they waited for other women/the media to tear them down.


We are the movement of women that are lifting each other up,...

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The 10 Pieces of Software that I use to run to small businesses PRODUCTIVELY!

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2017

Plus a few others…..

I love helping people to be productive, organised, declutter their minds and find a clear and conscious path to follow to the bigger picture of what they want to build in their businesses.  In this endeavour, I am often asked to recommend software, so I thought that I would provide a list that people can use for lots of different areas of business.

This list is not exhaustive – I am sure that I will finish this, publish it and then do a big “oh, I should have included this… or that!” But, hopefully it is helpful and gives you a few ideas of where to start, what it is for and where to find it!

Because of the way that my mind works, I “connect the dots” with software and business building to give you the options and find what is right for you, so….. these are a few of my favourite things….


The first thing that I did when I set up my business, was choose accounting software – so that...

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The missing element to gaining clarity

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2016

The missing element to gaining clarity – that keeps you stuck.

One of the biggest benefits my clients tell me they gain from working with me is clarity.

They come to me overwhelmed and feeling stuck like they can’t move forward but very quickly, a transformation happens – the haze clears, and they gain laser focus.

When you have clarity – you can make good decisions, feel confident that your actions have the right impact and everything just flows. Who wouldn’t want that?

There are a few steps to moving to this place of clarity, and you’ll see them in the resource I created for you ‘The 20 Minute Clarity Formula’

but there is something that you’ll also need…


QUESTION – does this make you cross?  Push your buttons? Make you want to scream at me “NO, that is NOT what I need!”.

I totally get it and I am screaming the same thing.  My clients all scream – well…....

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