Doubt, Lightning Bolt Moments & Crazy Ideas

Last time we caught up, I was telling you a story about how I moved past, through and OVER doubt, fear and negative self-talk.

I was just about to embark on a huge walk. One small step for mankind but ONE HUGE LEAP for lil’ ol me!

We pick up where we left off (OMG, this is so much fun, I am TOTALLY writing a script!! )

So, I walked and walked and walked….

Yep! I completed 252 km in 15 days.

I woke every morning ready to GO. On 5 different days we walked over half a marathon PER DAY.

Thats right, 23 km’s in ONE DAY x 5!

18 blisters on 1 foot, enough tape, band aids and tea tree oil to start my own pharmacy! But on we went….

And as I walked…. I waited…. I waited patiently (NOT)

I walked with intent… waiting for that light-bulb-moment, that crash-of-drums, that flash-of-light, that EUREKA moment that would change everything for me and set me on a path for the next chapter.

I mean, I listened to Dr Wayne Dyer, I read a life changing book...


Emerging From The Darkness Of Doubt

All fear is borne from the stories that we play in our heads, but with desire, support, determination and the strategies in place – ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

Hi! I’m back! Did you miss me?

I want to share a story with you that explains where I’ve been for the last few months…

A story of feeling stuck, full of doubt, fear and negative – self talk and then taking action on what might feel like a massive LEAP !!  Feeling stuck?
Let me know what your biggest challenge is (plus download a free gift for your feedback)

So let me share with you the story shall I

In March 2016, I made the decision to go to the top of Spain in September and walk part of the El Camino (The Way), all 150Kms of it!

When I heard my friend going, I was like OK I’M IN, THIS IS HAPPENING.

In May 2016, I travelled to Europe and worked in Italy having a blast, so I didn’t really think too much about the BIG WALK happening in September.

In June 2016, I arrived in the UK and...


The 10 Pieces of Software that I use to run to small businesses PRODUCTIVELY!

Plus a few others…..

I love helping people to be productive, organised, declutter their minds and find a clear and conscious path to follow to the bigger picture of what they want to build in their businesses.  In this endeavour, I am often asked to recommend software, so I thought that I would provide a list that people can use for lots of different areas of business.

This list is not exhaustive – I am sure that I will finish this, publish it and then do a big “oh, I should have included this… or that!” But, hopefully it is helpful and gives you a few ideas of where to start, what it is for and where to find it!

Because of the way that my mind works, I “connect the dots” with software and business building to give you the options and find what is right for you, so….. these are a few of my favourite things….


The first thing that I did when I set up my business, was choose accounting software – so that...


The Travellers Purpose and Productivity Series – Caroline White


Caroline White (from Caroline White Photography) and I are so lucky (full stop).  I wanted to share with you the different ways to stay on purpose and productive whilst you are “doing/trying something different” – for me (and for Caroline), that is travelling and working.

We sat in front of the 16th century walls of Lucca (a beautiful walled city in Italy) and talked all things productivity and living on purpose.  Caroline has a very success-full photography business.  She has photographed Marie Forleo and Michael Beckworth but is also a wealth of information and has huge business ideas for her future.  It was so interesting to spend time with someone that is not limited by what she is doing right now.  We ALL have potential and the possibility to live how we want.  We just need to be clear and have clarity around what that looks like.

You will hear how:

  1. The way that we stay productive is different for each individual person –...

I am always asked.....

.....What IS The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club?

Why am I asked this?  Because people LOVE the name… they love saying it as a tongue twister and because you CAN’T say it without smiling – but none of that tells you what it is..... soooo…..

The concept behind The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club is all about ACTION; giving you the information that you can use instantly in your business.  The questions that are asked are to directly benefit your businesses, so that you can leave the call, take the action and be consistent in your business. It also helps massively with accountability, because you are asking for help in an area that you are STUCK and once you are unstuck, you can move forward and hold yourself accountable to GROWTH (personally and professionally).

For a monthly investment, you will have wonderful access to:

  • The ‘Clarity Vault’ which is full of amazing resources, including  meditations and business book...

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