I am always asked.....

.....What IS The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club?

Why am I asked this?  Because people LOVE the name… they love saying it as a tongue twister and because you CAN’T say it without smiling – but none of that tells you what it is..... soooo…..

The concept behind The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club is all about education: giving valuable information to women in business, via an accessible and affordable platform. Everything we learn is clearly explained and tangibly linked to implementable actions which support you in achieving consistent business growth.  

For £17 a month, you will have wonderful access to:

  • An online workshop delivered by experts in their field, covering a wide range of essential business skills. (You can watch LIVE or receive the recording later).
  • Worksheets to accompany each session, allowing you to personalise the workshop and create tangible goals for YOUR business.
  • The ‘Clarity Vault’ which is jam-packed...

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