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Doubt, Lightning Bolt Moments & Crazy Ideas

Jul 06, 2020

Last time we caught up, I was telling you a story about how I moved past, through and OVER doubt, fear and negative self-talk.

I was just about to embark on a huge walk. One small step for mankind but ONE HUGE LEAP for lil’ ol me!

We pick up where we left off (OMG, this is so much fun, I am TOTALLY writing a script!! 😉 )

So, I walked and walked and walked….

Yep! I completed 252 km in 15 days.

I woke every morning ready to GO. On 5 different days we walked over half a marathon PER DAY.

Thats right, 23 km’s in ONE DAY x 5!

18 blisters on 1 foot, enough tape, band aids and tea tree oil to start my own pharmacy! But on we went….

And as I walked…. I waited…. I waited patiently (NOT)

I walked with intent… waiting for that light-bulb-moment, that crash-of-drums, that flash-of-light, that EUREKA moment that would change everything for me and set me on a path for the next chapter.

I mean, I listened to Dr Wayne Dyer, I read a life changing book – COME ON! I am putting-in here!!

And I knew that there was a next chapter, I KNEW (call it intuition, gut-feeling) that this was the start of something… a change, it- was – a- comin’.

But where the bloody hell was it!!!

So, after 15 days, 252 km’s, pain, mental determination, physical strength (we were still carrying 9 kg’s each on our backs!!), a little bit of grace and a whole – lotta – love, we arrived at Santiago Cathedral, the end of the El Camino.

On that day we walked 23 km’s – and it was the LONGEST walk (mentally) of the entire trip.

The last 3 km’s felt like they would never end.

We arrived in Santiago and thought that we had made it, those pesky signs didn’t say 3 km’s to the mo – fo – Cathedral !!(sorry, but that is how it felt at that point!).

We arrived, we sat down, we had a celebration beer, we talked and I sat looking at the sky… now thinking that a lightning bolt would LITERALLY be a lightening bolt.

SURELY (don’t call me Shirley!).

We went and spent a few days in a lovely little quiet house with a pool to rest our legs and celebrate our massive achievement (and BTW…. We celebrated – tee hee!). And I was still waiting …  Waiting for the heavens to part and for the answer to be made clear. But it wasn’t. I didn’t wake up feeling like I knew exactly what to do.  And I was feeling a little deflated. All that ‘work’ and nothing.

Then on the 3rd day (wait… did this just get religious??), my lovely friend that I was travelling with said something and it was like that Daisy Chain Wheel in a machine, clicked into place and the cogs started turning!

She said, “You are a Crazy Daisy, I bet you have clients that are Lazy Daisies, or Hazy Daisies and I bet that you have a lot of people around you that LIKE to be Crazy Daisies and have fun whilst achieving their dreams and getting their shizzle done!” BOOM-SHAK-A-LA.

The fun came back into my business, the silly-cray-cray of my personality was given that little window to shine, and the seed of a new idea was born.

Next time…. On the Crazy – Daisy – Life – Altering – Walk – 252 km’s – in – my – shoes newsletter..

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