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The Travellers Purpose and Productivity Series – Caroline White

Jul 04, 2020

Caroline White (from Caroline White Photography) and I are so lucky (full stop).  I wanted to share with you the different ways to stay on purpose and productive whilst you are “doing/trying something different” – for me (and for Caroline), that is travelling and working.

We sat in front of the 16th century walls of Lucca (a beautiful walled city in Italy) and talked all things productivity and living on purpose.  Caroline has a very success-full photography business.  She has photographed Marie Forleo and Michael Beckworth but is also a wealth of information and has huge business ideas for her future.  It was so interesting to spend time with someone that is not limited by what she is doing right now.  We ALL have potential and the possibility to live how we want.  We just need to be clear and have clarity around what that looks like.

You will hear how:

  1. The way that we stay productive is different for each individual person – and why this is important for you.
  2. Living on and with purpose changes – and that that is A GOOD THING!
  3. Being a creative person has HUGE benefits when you find the right team, OR have the clarity to move forward in your genius zone!

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