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5 ways to invest in the Happiness of you and your business

In 5 easy-to-follow steps, you can find out the baby steps to creating your HAPPY BUSINESS!

We will cover:

🌟 Getting your vision clear, 

🌟 Working out what you are passionate about,

🌟 Being clear on your environment; and more!

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Take ACTION towards your Success

Together we'll work out WHAT you want to do and why you want to do it, and then I'll show you how to get it done!
5 ways to invest in the happiness of you and your business

Know you're meant for bigger things?
Wish that you had direction and a clear path to your success?
Busy all the time, but don't feel productive?

My clients all say how motivated, excited, passionate and enthusiastic they are about their business after working with me.
I make them feel like they can do anything - with confidence.

Picture the scene .... you have clarity about what you are working towards and why it's important to you, and you know the steps to make sure you get there! 
How good would that feel!

Hi, I'm Trudy Simmons, a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach

I am here to help you move from feeling stuck to being passionate about what you WANT to build in your life and business in three key ways -


Communities, podcast and Youtube channel - join The Daisy Chain Tribe!
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Events, Networking and Workshops online and in-person.
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Business Coaching to bring you clarity, direction, focus and accountability
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Let's get your happiness journey started.

5 ways to invest in the happiness of you and your business

Yes Please!
I want to feel more motivated and accountable


"Shine On You Crazy Daisy" Podcast

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The Daisy Chain Group

Youtube Channel

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"Shine On You Crazy Daisy" Books





Meet like-minded women around the world and talk about your business. We are all a part of a global community. Building know, like and trust together across continents!
The Crazy Daisy Networking Club


Come and be a part of International Women's Business for a positive and safe space to engage, share your business, your future plans and your trials and tribulations along the way.
International Women's Business

International Events

These events are for you to gain inspiration, motivation and knowledge from respected and proven international speakers.

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Local - Hampshire, UK.

Local Business Group

This thriving community of over 1000 local women entrepreneurs is the place to be for REAL encouragement to succeed and support along the way. This community is built on local networking, local support and the drive to grow our businesses.
The Hampshire Women’s Business Group


These networking events are like no other, the feeling of community when you arrive, the buzzing motivation when you leave, the new friends, colleagues and cheerleaders that you meet during the time you are here. It is worth coming out from behind your computer and telling us about your business!
The Crazy Daisy Networking Club

In-Person Events

We LOVE in person events, and are always cooking up another way to have SERIOUS fun in our business, whilst building confidence, seeing our value and investing in the future growth towards our success. Keep an eye on this page for the next exciting event.


Ready to go all in?

Want to work one to one with me?

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You're awesome - I'm awesome!

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Sages and shamen come in many forms but who knew mine would come in the wonderful form of Trudy Simmons and that the modern day business sage would be in heels and have a deep and abiding love of champagne? Apart from being a wonderful and caring lady, she is GUN at what she does. And she does it all. Accountability partner and business coach? Oh yes, she will have you upping your game and honouring your genius zone by stripping away all the tasks that dull your awesome and sap your life force. Instigator and enforcer? Hell yes, but in the nicest and firmest possible way. You won’t believe the transformation that can take place in your business when your trust Trudy to set up systems, advise on formalising structures and allowing people into your much loved business to help, really help you. I went from being my own sweatshop operator, paddling against overwhelm to a calmer and happier CEO of my own business Diva Works. Heartfelt thanks Trudy!

- Fiona Jefferies

CEO - Diva Works

I cannot recommend Trudy and The Daisy Chain Group highly enough. Trudy has been mentoring me for a while. During our conversations she has stretched and challenged me. I am more focused and have more confidence- I believe in myself and my business. Trudy helped me to look at what I really want to achieve and set out a plan to actually do it. Not only has my business grown but so have I. Don’t hesitate for a second- book that call today. You will not regret it

- Allison Woolford

Tot Cross Buns

I highly recommend Trudy's methods of gaining focus in business, she has the ability to see what is holding you back from growing and how best to move through it. Trudy's positive attitude and belief in me has been such a confidence booster that I'm really starting to believe in myself more and value what I do.

- Katherine Sloggett

Granny Stitch and Friends

I had 4 1:1s with Trudy and she has been amazing for me!! I lacked focus and belief in me. She’s shown me what I’m worth and pushed me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be pushed!!! Can’t recommend her enough.

- Laura Light

Savvy Savings 4 Mums

Trudy has a way of taking something you've been procrastinating over FOREVER, and breaking it down in bite size chunks. This means more action less time sitting around and waiting for something to happen. She brings energy and enthusiasm and even entertainment, In a good way!

- Jackie Neat

The Whimsical Kitchen

Trudy is what you'd call infectious! I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like Trudy before. She is completely unique. The best thing I've done to help my business develop was to join The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club. I have more business info at my finger tips and the steps to use it at last. It's a must do if you're needing direction and good sound business advice with a good dose of Craziness thrown in. Fab. Just love it.

- Kathy Hodge

Bowen Therapist