Clarity, Direction and FOCUS!

What do you need to GROW your business and feel like you are starting with a solid foundation?


Hi, I'm Trudy Simmons, a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach


Do you want CLARITY for what you WANT your business to be and how to grow it? 

I want to GROW!


Are you stuck and need a path to follow to give you DIRECTION for what your big picture is?



GAH! Do you wish that you could focus on what you are doing and STOP procrastinating? 

I need HELP!

I believe success in business and life comes from being our whole selves and reaching our potential.

I want you to rise up and break out of being and playing small

To do this, we need to move through procrastination..... quickly!

Networking Events

Are you a woman in business in Hampshire, UK?  Come and join our fun, informal networking events to have cake, coffee and conversations about you and your business. You are not alone. We are your colleagues, new friends and biggest supporters.

I want to meet you!

Work with me 1:1

If you want me to HEAR what you really WANT and then help you to achieve your success, then contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together! I will help you to work our WHAT you want to do, WHY you want to do it and HOW to get it DONE!

I need to talk to you!

The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club

This is monthly online training from experts.  It is implementable ACTIONABLE information so that you can build your knowledge AND your business each month - Fun, Focused, Business Growth! 


"Sages and shamen come in many forms but who knew mine would come in the wonderful form of Trudy Simmons and that the modern day business sage would be in heels and have a deep and abiding love of champagne? Apart from being a wonderful and caring lady, she is GUN at what she does. And she does it all. Accountability partner and business coach? Oh yes, she will have you upping your game and honouring your genius zone by stripping away all the tasks that dull your awesome and sap your life force. Instigator and enforcer? Hell yes, but in the nicest and firmest possible way. You won’t believe the transformation that can take place in your business when your trust Trudy to set up systems, advise on formalising structures and allowing people into your much loved business to help, really help you. I went from being my own sweatshop operator, paddling against overwhelm to a calmer and happier CEO of my own business Diva Works. Heartfelt thanks Trudy!"

Fiona Jefferies
CEO - Diva Works

"I cannot recommend Trudy and The Daisy Chain Group highly enough. Trudy has been mentoring me for a while. During our conversations she has stretched and challenged me. I am more focused and have more confidence- I believe in myself and my business. Trudy helped me to look at what I really want to achieve and set out a plan to actually do it. Not only has my business grown but so have I. Don’t hesitate for a second- book that call today. You will not regret it"

Allison Woolford
Tot Cross Buns

"I highly recommend Trudy's methods of gaining focus in business, she has the ability to see what is holding you back from growing and how best to move through it. Trudy's positive attitude and belief in me has been such a confidence booster that I'm really starting to believe in myself more and value what I do."

Katherine Sloggett
Granny Stitch and Friends

"I had 4 1:1s with Trudy and she has been amazing for me!! I lacked focus and belief in me. She’s shown me what I’m worth and pushed me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be pushed!!! Can’t recommend her enough."

Laura Light
Savvy Savings 4 Mums

"Trudy has a way of taking something you've been procrastinating over FOREVER, and breaking it down in bite size chunks. This means more action less time sitting around and waiting for something to happen. She brings energy and enthusiasm and even entertainment, In a good way!"

Jackie Neat
The Whimsical Kitchen

"Trudy is what you'd call infectious! I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like Trudy before. She is completely unique. The best thing I've done to help my business develop was to join The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club. I have more business info at my finger tips and the steps to use it at last. It's a must do if you're needing direction and good sound business advice with a good dose of Craziness thrown in. Fab. Just love it."

Kathy Hodge
Bowen Therapist

The Chain Reaction

Create a plan, take ACTION and trigger your chain reaction.

Let me tell you some stories....

A few ramblings and solid help and information available in my blogs.

The Daisy Chain Group International Ltd

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Registered Address: Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX


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