I am always asked.....

.....What IS The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club?

Why am I asked this?  Because people LOVE the name… they love saying it as a tongue twister and because you CAN’T say it without smiling – but none of that tells you what it is..... soooo…..

The concept behind The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club is all about education: giving valuable information to women in business, via an accessible and affordable platform. Everything we learn is clearly explained and tangibly linked to implementable actions which support you in achieving consistent business growth.  

For £17 a month, you will have wonderful access to:

  • An online workshop delivered by experts in their field, covering a wide range of essential business skills. (You can watch LIVE or receive the recording later).
  • Worksheets to accompany each session, allowing you to personalise the workshop and create tangible goals for YOUR business.
  • The ‘Clarity Vault’ which is jam-packed full of amazing resources, including everything from past workshop videos to meditation guides and business book recommendations.
  • An exclusive Facebook Group to engage and be a part of.
  • An energised and supportive community of like-minded women who are with you every step of the way.

One of the things I love most about The Crazy Daisy Clarity Clubis the wide variety of personalities, business types and business journeys that come together. We are a community of women who range from being very new in business and “don’t know what you don’t know”, to established business owners who have been going for years and remain passionate about their learning and growth. Even after my 8 years in business I always learn something new with each workshop, conversation, or new perspective that comes from working collaboratively in the LIVE calls.

Running your own business comes with the potential for feeling quite isolated, which is why I believe it is SO important to know that you are part of something bigger. Groups like mine are there to support you in both your personal and professional life. I’m so thrilled to see our Hampshire Women’s Businessgroup grow and increase its outreach to all the fabulous female business owners out there! And if you are anywhere outside of Hampshire, UK (Australia!! US of A!! Salisbury!!), we also have The Chain Reaction Women’s Business Group.

Now, I know that TIME comes at a massive premium, which is why I want to explain that The Crazy Daisy Clarity Clubis not an overwhelming commitment. The one hour workshop can be watched live or on a recording, and the worksheet that goes with each session will optimise your efficiency in TAKING ACTION! Implementing what you’ve learned should take one additional hour after the workshop. This firm structure means that you can make real steps towards business growth, without faffing about and losing time.

The lovely Louise Crockett of The Perfect Assistant explained that “the monthly calls have inspired me to take another look at certain areas of my business, and helped me with areas I assumed I'd have to outsource.” By spending an hour honing your own skills, you can save both time and money. “It's a great way to have monthly training on diverse areas of the business. I'm especially looking forward to next month's call on SEO!”

Katherine Sloggett said "the clarity club has given me real focus, bitesize manageable tasks that build on each other to help your business grow" - this is EVERYTHING that I want it to be for you!

The reason I’d like everyone to know about The Crazy Daisy Clarity ClubNOW is because from the 12thof July the doors will be CLOSING until the Autumn. We are so excited about the opportunity to welcome you for the Summer. The group will re-open in the Autumn but membership will be at an increased rate.  DON’T MISS OUT!

If you’d love to join us, hooray! Get in touch, or find out further info on my website.

I want to be a CRAZY DAISY!

Keep taking action towards your success!


P.S. DON'T FORGET it closes on the 12th July! Come and be a CRAZY DAISY (in a good way :D ) 


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