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(All) About Me

Who are you?

It’s me, Trudy Simmons!   

I’m a positive and enthusiastic “Energizer Bunny” kind of woman.  I’m an Audacious Butt-Kicker, Supportive Motivator, and Lover of Daisies.

I am a Clarity and Productivity Coach!  And I own The Daisy Chain Group.  I find the good in each and every day, because I am doing my dream job and I want you to be doing yours too!

I offer one-to-one coaching, monthly workshops, group coaching, events, networking and online communities to support women entrepreneurs.  I have clients and communities to cover the WORLD, so that we can all get to KNOW each other. 

One of the questions I am often asked is, “Do you really get this excited about other peoples businesses?”  The answer is YES!

A Clarity and Productivity Coach?  What’s that?

I empower small business owners like you to grow your business and reach your grandest potential.  I help you bring the fun and happiness into your work, and we work together to build a solid foundation of what you WANT, not what you feel you HAVE to do or SHOULD do!

When you can see what you are aiming for (the big picture) and you have clarity of what you WANT to build, then it becomes easier to be more productive because you are creating the clear path to that big picture - it WORKS!

Most of my clients come to me because they’re confused, stuck in a rut, unsure what to do next, or spread too thin. 

I LOVE being an efficient and effective organiser of thoughts and tasks - a personal ideas sounding board - a filter and sorter of all those ideas in your head.  We go on a fun journey together, and the end result? You have a plan for growth that is uniquely you.

I have more than 20 years of experience in organising businesses and building some kickass accountability.  

In addition to coaching and training, I put on networking events and nurture online communities that support women entrepreneurs.  It’s important not to feel alone!

How did you become a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach? 

When I was little, I was labeled as “Little Miss Bossy” (yes, like the book).  I am the oldest child in my family, and of course, I got a lot of pleasure out of organising and “helping” my siblings as I grew up.

As I got older, my passion for helping people and finding practical step-by-step solutions to problems earned me names like, “Mrs. Fix-It,” “Rottweiler with Lipstick,” or “Chief Interferer.” 🤣

I was also the friend people came to for advice and I planned great social events. (Have I mentioned I like to have fun?).

My background in the "corporate world" was in Operational Management, where I could be asked to arrange anything from moving an office to writing and creating the specifications to create a computer program to run the whole company - ya know.. that kinda stuff! I had teams of people and I would make sure that each person was using their best skills for the majority of the time (we all have to do SOME things that we don't want to do 😉).

It wasn’t until 2010 that the clouds parted for me to see where and how to focus all of these talents.  A small business owner friend came to me in a state of overwhelm, not sure what to do next to keep her business on track. She had so many different ideas, but didn’t know how to get them out of her head and into a forward-moving vision. (I call this the Tornado!) In the process of listening, asking questions, and hacking through the proverbial jungle together, we came up with an action plan.  And thus, Trudy the Coach was born!

It was time to shed the insecurities and suppressions that come with being a powerful, audacious woman, and become the effervescent business fairy that I was meant to be!  

Being a Clarity and Productivity Coach allows me to combine all the elements that make me ME: 

-       The intuition that drives me

-       My generous and nurturing side (I give a lot of hugs)

-       My inner rebel

-       The ridiculous and magical spring of fun that is always flowing inside me

But WHY I do this business is so much more than “It’s a good fit for me!”  I have an overflowing passion for YOU! Which leads me to…

Why did you create The Daisy Chain Group?

Why I do this business is pretty simple, but it makes me want to dance on the rooftops: 

  1. Make business happy

It’s time for the business world to be an enjoyable place to be!  I love to sprinkle fun, colour and fairy dust all over the place as I help you find what makes you feel uplifted.

  1. Help you be all you can be

You do not have to live under the suppression of the corporate world.  You do not have to settle with “good enough.” You can think big and do what you WANT to do!  You should have access to help that is both compassionate and practical, and that is what I am here for.  I want you to see, feel and achieve your potential through hope and belief in what you can accomplish! When you can see the big picture and know what you are aiming for (that suits YOU), it is far easier to have the enthusiasm and motivation to have success (whatever that looks like to YOU). 

Trudy Simmos

What does The Daisy Chain Group stand for? 

Belief | Hope | Happiness | Integrity | Kindness | Action


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