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It's the Crazy Daisy
Networking Club!

Join our International Online Networking Club!

Learn how to grow your audience and build your "know, like and trust"

internationally whilst having fun in your business and meeting a
beautiful bunch of business women.

Calling all Crazy Daisies!!

Are you sitting there wishing there was an easy way to grow your audience and you want it to happen NOW?

Have you tried networking and it "hasn't been for you", but this sounds intriguing?

Do you want to build, not just an audience, but a community of wonderful women who "get it"?

Imagine that you know it is going to be a GREAT day because today is NETWORKING DAY and you fist-pump the air because you KNOW you are going to feel amazing afterwards!

Imagine looking forward to seeing the Crazy Daisies and hearing stories that will inspire and motivate you.

Imagine knowing that your sister-from-another-mister will be on the call and it is one of the only times you get to see them, because.... life!

Imagine building credibility around the world because people are able to sell your services for you, because they KNOW you and you have built their trust.

OMG OMG OMG... are you as excited as I am (doubtful 😉)

I have held networking events around the world for over 6 years. There are  so many wonderful things that are said about our networking events, but what you will hear mostly is:

"I can't believe how much business was done AND we had so much fun".

"I was so scared to turn up not knowing anyone, but it felt like a really welcoming place to be".

"I have social anxiety and didn't think that I could show up and speak, but once I had done it once and seeing eveyone so happy to listen, I am coming back".

"These events built my confidence in myself and my business".

I have had members say that 50-65% of their new clients come from attending our networking regularly because they have learned how to build relationships and nurture people with their expertise.

I really recommend the Crazy Daisy  networking groups.

I am quite a shy person so the first one felt really daunting but I really didn't need to worry. Everyone was so welcoming, supportive and helpful and Trudy is the perfect organiser and host. I am so pleased to have found this group and such a lovely group of people.

- Rebecca Oxenham

The benefits of networking are far reaching.

It teaches you how to introduce yourself succinctly (and we help you with that in the membership). It helps you to be a better networker outside of our safe space. It proves that business does NOT have to be boring and shows how much fun you can have when people come along to share their expereinces and expertise. This is ONLINE - you can be anywhere in the world, in your time zone, with a sparkly top on and pj bottoms (we've all done it right??!!).

Once you sign up, you can come to 1 or all of the events each month.

We want to see MORE of you.

Before CoVid 19, I ran between 3-6 in-person networking events each month, I saw over 100 people a month and they keep coming back month after month for the same reasons; it works. It works when you work it - and to "work" at something that has the infectious side effects of motivation, laughter, fun and business growth. There is nothing to lose in giving it a go!

So, how does it work you ask?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy... there is no tie in, you can try it for a month and then leave, or you can see the opportunities and stay.

For $35 USD (£29) per month, we will have several online networking events per month in YOUR time zone.

These events will be run by The Crazy Daisy Team.

You can commit to 1 event a month, or come to as many as you can fit into your calendar.

If you find yourself having a ho-hum day and think - I will jump on to get me PUMPED and .... abracadabra, it is so 😊.  In each event you will meet new, interesting and wondrous women who want to meet YOU. This is a time saver - all the events are online, no travel time, click a link and you are beamed around the world to meet your new potential customers and collaborators.

Click the relevant offer card here to choose your currency and let's get you signed up!

Before you sign up -
If you're ready to uplevel
I've got an even more amazing offer for you!

Would you love to have a business coach, but can't justify the investment at the moment?

Do you feel like if you "just had some direction or focus" then you would know what to do next?

Would you like to ask the burning questions that would help your business?

Clarity gives you the confidence to explain your products or services in a way that makes sense to you and your potential clients.



The Clarity Club is about building yourself up with direct business knowledge to help with your growth. It is for you to feel a part of something and know that you are not alone in your questions - we all have the questions to ask, but some are not as open to asking  them as others.

Commit to the calls and commit to asking the questions that YOU need answers to.

Clarity for Crazy Daisies!!

Join the Clarity Club and you'll enjoy full access to the Crazy Daisy Networking Club and be invited to a monthly Online Clarity Call - you can be anywhere - most time zones covered (USA, UK, Europe, Australia).

You are welcome to come as many as you can fit in your diary (you don't have to stick to your time zone!).

On the call, we will go through the challenges, places you are stuck and  questions that you have (these can be submitted beforehand) and get you UNSTUCK, moving forward and gaining momentum!

It is fast paced, jam-packed with real help for where you are and where you want to get to.

I have been a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach for 10 years, and was in Operational Management for 10 years before that.  I am a problem solver, a fixer, a cheerleader and I help you to build engaged and happy businesses and communities.

Trudy is a power house!

She offers so much support, motivation and encouragement to business owners, there is never a silly question! She supports you through networking, online communities and fantastic live events. I always feel like I can take on the world after seeing Trudy!

- Sarah Bourne

So, how does it work you ask?

You can leave anytime, no tie in contracts. This is about committing to your business growth and the future you have planned.

For just $70 (£58) per month you will enjoy full access to both our clubs!!

The Crazy Daisy Networking Club


The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club

This offer will be open for a limited time (then the price will increase).

Get clarity NOW.

Commit to your business growth.

Get accountability, clarity and worldwide networking - what a combo!


Click the relevant offer card here to choose your currency and let's get you signed up!