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This membership is simple,
because business is complicated enough!

As businesswomen, we know that we know what we know - right?  But we can always learn more, invest in knowledge and gain momentum from implementing what we learn. Are you wondering how on earth everyone else seems to do this all alone? The truth is they’re not doing it alone and you’re not supposed to do it all alone either!

We all feel like we are TIME-POOR!
But the secret is we're not - we're just not prioritising the RIGHT things!

Imagine a membership that offers you knowledge from experts in their fields and the structured processes to take that information and apply it to your business, with help and support from gorgeous entrepreneurs all intent on growing their businesses this year!

 You imagined it - I created it!

Learn actionable solutions and tools for your business in our monthly business growth workshops.

Learn new levels of commitment by attending our "Shine On Monthly Co-working events" and develop confidence by achieving your goals alongside others.

Gain the skills to stay focused and motivated even when you're not with the group. Build the momentum to your success.

from £39

per month

You’re just a few steps away from SHINING and shimmying your way to business growth!

All this from just £39 per month (incl. VAT)


"Your success is personal to me.


You are not in this alone.


Join our community and finally find


Your People


- ready to hear and support you."

The benefits of networking within this membership are exponential (and super fun!)

Joining a networking group of like-minded people gives us a space to be honest and share what we're going through - entrepreneurship can be a lonely path so finding your peeps is essential to keeping you sane!

Our networking will teach you how to listen and how to share, how to help and how to simply receive - it's not always about solution finding after all. Sometimes we just need to share and move on.

Imagine a group ready to celebrate with you, to brainstorm with you and to listen to you rant. To support with onboarding new clients - or firing them! To commiserate over the tax bill and celebrating your turnover increase - a lot of us find it hard to share this stuff with family don't we?

You'll be much more confident networking outside our safe space too. You'll be able to show up jauntily at local networking breakfasts, confident in your Introduction spiel and banter - you might teach them a thing or two about making networking more enjoyable too!

This community is all about good vibes - positivity, encouragement and moving forward. Plus, if you need the extra element of Accountability there's a VIP option with added extras to make sure you keep on track!

I love the fact that this networking group is ONLINE - not only do we all benefit from being in a gorgeous community of people from all over the world, you can show up exactly as you are without need for gravitas (unless you fancy) - we have morning get-togethers, and evening get-togethers where we can all share a glass of vino and socialise - it's not all about business growth after all!

We've missed just hanging out with people haven't we xxx

We want to see MORE of you. 

We want to get to KNOW you!

Fancy going VIP?


I know how frustrating it can be when you know that you need support, but can’t afford to invest in a coach to work with one-to-one - this is why our VIP membership is so incredible.

You will get group coaching every 2 weeks from me and ALL of the support you need to get focused, get direction and build a business that fills you with joy!

I know that being our own boss can be hard as we have no one to answer to - that’s why having accountability is so important as this is what gets us to take the action we need, rather than falling into the trap of overwhelm and procrastination! 

There are only 10 spaces available in this membership - if you have any questions, please contact me!

If I didn’t have accountability in my business there is no way it would be where it is today!  

Shine On You Crazy Daisy Membership is £39 per month - pay just £120 per month for the VIP membership and benefit from building consistency and momentum into your growth too!


"It is phenomenal working with Trudy for the growth of my business.  The group is so valuable, and the main reason I decided to join as for someone like me who works on my own and has a tendency to get stuck in my own head on ideas - I found the group to be a great help. It holds me accountable and encourages me to push myself out of my comfort zone.
Very grateful for Trudy's continued support - highly recommend!"

- Gemma Storey, Infinity Creative

"Trudy is an inspirational woman.  Only because of her encouragement I started my business.  Trudy had total faith in my business and has always been there for when I have needed advice.  Trudy is a remarkable lady and she knows her stuff!! I love her energy, positivity and love how motivated she is, and how she motivates everyone else around her. But above all, as a business women, I admire her professionalism that comes with her honesty and integrity.
I truly thank you Trudy."

- Pooja Mehta Nicodemi - Little Planet

"I’ve lived in unconscious panic for so long and now… I’m clear, I’m focused, I have my direction and I am reaping the rewards from investing in myself with Trudy. Focus has given me more freedom – and I didn’t see this as an outcome of sorting out my business growth. I feel so alive, so invigorated and I’m ready to build my business to its next level."

- Claire Anstey, Operation Goddess

All that you need in ONE simple monthly membership 

As Cilla Black used to say... "The choice... is yours!" 

 So don’t stay stuck – don’t look back in 3 months and wish that you had started 3 months ago…..

Commit to yourself, back yourself, for a 3 month period to see the momentum, consistency and results that this can build for your business!

It’s time to START DOING in your business, see the income you want, realise what profit means to you and gain growth in all areas – both personally and professionally.

All this can be achieved from knowledge, commitment, implementation and networking!


(incl VAT)

  • Monthly Masterclass from an expert in their field (grow knowledge)
  • Monthly "Shine On Co-working events" - online co-working spaces for support and motivation (implement and grow)
  • Monthly Networking events (online), you can come to as many as you like (grow audience, confidence and clients!)

This membership is to grow your knowledge AND your tribe of people that know, like and trust you - ALL for just £39 per month!

Sign me UP!


(incl VAT)

  • Everything in the Membership PLUS
  • Bi-weekly Accountability and business growth group calls (online) to get you to the root of what challenges you are facing, what ACTIONS to take and HOW to get it DONE!
  • Dedicated monthly time to work ON your business and to commit to its growth
  • Regular check-in's from me so that you are ACCOUNTABLE and take action
  • Weekly live Q&A's to get you unstuck and give you the focus and direction for where you want to get to
  • Daily support, when you need it, in our incredible private community filled with like-minded women

This membership is to grow your knowledge, your tribe, your productivity and your BUSINESS; with support, encouragement and motivation to be all that you want to be in your business.

Working ON your business and not just IN your business.

I need this, I'm a VIP - Sign me UP!

Working with me, my clients have achieved some amazing things in their businesses, and you can too.


Here are just a few examples of what my lovely clients have achieved from working with me...

  • Creating online courses that are aligned to their ideal client.

  • Taking a side hustle into a full-time, thriving business, with 100% growth in just 6 months.

  • Building a business model that works for THEIR business (not a formula that doesn't work!).
  • Creating visibility for their business through being clear on their marketing messages.
  • 5x annual turnover in just one year, by making the business fit their vision and outsourcing effectively.

  • Pivot their business direction, and turn it into something they wanted to do, with clarity and focus to get it done.

  • Building up the confidence to talk about their business and make their services visible, and create a business model that made it easy to bring clients through and up to the higher priced options.

  • Supporting the CEO of a large firm to leave her job and write a book on self development, and turn that book into an online course.



So if you’ve got a dream and you’re ready to take inspired action to achieve it - come and join us inside The Shine on Your Crazy Membership and I will be there with you every step of the way to make it happen! 

Trudy 🌼❤️