Collectively; we are the solution, this INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY

“When women are happy, families are happy. When women are productive, the world moves. We have incredible power and we don’t even realise it. But it feels bloody incredible once you do! To see that spark reignite in the groups of women I work with is the reason I do what I do”.

What a year 2018 is already! This Thursday, 8th March 2018, marks International Womens Day and it feels like a reason to celebrate all that we are, all that we do and all that we WANT to do, for ourselves, our families and our communities.

We are a part of a movement.  A positive movement of knowing that the possibilities are there for us to grasp.  In the past, the “possibilities” may have felt like they were out of reach, not for us.  The “tall poppy syndrome” was expected, so that when a woman became successful, they waited for other women/the media to tear them down.


We are the movement of women that are lifting each other up,...


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