About Trudy

Once upon a time… in a land far far away… there lived a Trudy…

And that would be me!

I’m often referred to as a verb. I’m a ‘doing word’! Depending where you are in the world, I’m either in a land far far away (as in UK) or I come from a land far far away (Australia).

But no matter where you are or where I come from, the important thing is this… 

Something brought you here to me.

It could be your burning desire to reach your full potential. Or maybe you’ve heard about my 20 years’ experience in business organising and kickass accountability.

Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place. Here’s why…

My passion for getting things done stretches back to when I was a little girl. As a child and eldest sibling, I took a lot of pleasure from organising and helping (ok, bossing!) at home. Growing up, I was ‘that friend’ who people would come to for advice and practical support on the usual crazy mix of issues. To name a few examples: organising social functions, helping friends work out what they wanted next in life, giving practical solutions to complicated questions. (You know the sort I mean… relationships, moving house, children!)

A few years later, I was asked to chat to a friend who had a small business.

She was in a state of overwhelm, not sure what to do next to keep her business on track. She had ‘so many different ideas’, but didn’t know how to get them out of her head to see how to move any of them forward.

I call this… The Tornado!

I listened. I queried. I held up the mirror. Until finally, we landed on a detailed action plan. I also offered to support her until those actions were completed and the problems were resolved.

In my mind, I was just being ‘me’. Mrs Fix-It. Chief Interferer. Chief Organiser. Little Miss Bossy. (Yes, just like the book!) Rottweiler-with-lipstick.

And all the other names I’ve been called in my life.

The theme here? In many guises, I’ve always offered the same brand of practical support to problem situations. Delivered with compassion.

As it turned out, that meeting was pivotal to both our lives, because we helped each other see a new, clearer path forward.

I had given my first client the structure and support she needed to take her business forward.

In return, she gave me a mind-altering, life-changing compliment – that I had a powerful set of skills and gifts that would make me a successful Clarity and Productivity Coach.

Something just felt right. I tested out my newly identified, recently unleashed skills with my friends. And no surprise, they quickly became a very vocal cheer squad for my new career path.

Today, I’m proud to work with an eclectic mix of small business owners, located across the world.

My varied clients share some fundamental common traits. See if you recognise any of these yourself…

  • Do you love what you do and feel you’ve found your calling in life?
  • Do you have an abundance of great ideas?
  • But also some pressing demands?
  • Do you have the energy and resources to invest in your business, but need help knowing where to focus or what to do next?

Answered yes? Fantabulous!

Because here’s where I come in…

"If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!"

– Henry Ford

If you’re a small business owner who’s confused, stuck in a rut, unsure what to do next, or spread too thin, I can help!

I’m an efficient and effective organiser of thoughts and tasks. A personal ideas sounding-board. A filter and sorter for all those ideas in your head. In a nutshell, a passionate Clarity and Productivity Coach.

WARNING: I’m a cross between the Energiser Bunny and Tigger. And that kind of enthusiasm is infectious. Brace yourself!!

I don’t just have boundless energy to whip your business into shape. I care deeply about my clients and always have your best interests at heart. I am only successful if you’re successful. That’s the greatest feeling for our partnership and journey together.

With us working together, there is no barrier to your success! Anything you can’t do, I can help with!

So enough about me. How can you find out more? Simply click here to go to my Work With Me page to learn more on how we work together… or click here to Contact me!

If there was a problem, Yo, I’ll solve it. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it…Ice, Ice, Baby!


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