Taking fabulous women entrepreneurs to their next level of success. The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club is for business women who know they are destined for more and want to learn how to get there!


Access to a Monthly LIVE Group Online Workshops to transform your thinking about your business.

Guest Experts delivering their wisdom to you in an online workshop format.

All workshops are recorded and available for you in our private Clarity Vault!

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An Exclusive Facebook Group - just for our CLUB!

Discounted networking tickets

Discounts to other events organised through The Daisy Chain Group

Monthly check-in / accountability / Q&A calls, to keep you on track


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Workshop recordings available to review when you need to laser in.

Links to other talks, articles and experts recommended for you.

Guided meditations to help with mindset and mindfulness.

Thought leader short videos for instant inspiration!

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Community and Charity 

Giving back to communities is an important part of my business.

£1 from each monthly subscription goes to No Limits Charity to help them to support young homeless children. 

Your contribution helps them to provide advice, counselling, washing facilities and a hot shower to homeless children.  Start local, think global! This is just the beginning.

To join, please click the button below  to secure your spot!

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For £27 per month, you get...

- Monthly LIVE, implementable and actionable, recorded workshops with experts in their field

- Discounted networking tickets

- Discounts to other events organised through The Daisy Chain Group

- Clarity Vault – more workshops, meditations, thought-leaders and short videos for inspiration

- Monthly check-in / accountability / Q&A calls, to keep you on track

- Exclusive FB Group, just for us!

Investing in yourself and your business is an important part of GROWTH.... so why not invest in a fun and focused way!!?

I want to grow my business!

"I’m feeling energised! I have just watched the clarity and focus workshop, which I thought was brilliant Trudy. Literally changed the way I work, particularly from home. So with a kick up the butt I watched the branding video last night and jeeeeez, such inspiration! I took action immediatly! I feel like things are slotting into place and every step makes my business more authentic, more me and more like something I want to shout about."

Louise A

"Thank you to Trudy Simmons and the wonderful ladies in this group, my confidence has grown, I have received support and advice and my business has benefitted from the awesome skills of the ladies here. Not to mention gaining some wonderful friends too."

Allison W

"I absolutely love being a crazy daisy. It gave me the confidence to start my rebrand that had been on my heart for a while. Some changes have been big and some small but I've found the advice is like finding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle and I'm always buzzing for the next zoom call."

Jackie N

"Hello Daisylicious Von Clarity! I have a lot going in these past few years, and also the ability to throw a tantrum and give up, so when you outline a 3 point plan I must admit it has been really useful ... to save me from myself."

Gabi V

There's a Club for that......

When women feel productive, the world moves!

You have incredible power and may not even realise it. But it will feel bloody incredible once you do! 

If you want access to information, support and confidence-boosting inspiration, The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club is here to help.

Each month we'll have a LIVE online workshop focusing on the hot topics to grow your business. Experts in subjects will share their wisdom with you each month, covering all the "hats" we need to wear as Business Women, such as:

branding, marketing, social media, SEO, websites..... and more

You will also have 24/7 access to an exciting and insightful library of resources (The Clarity Vault) to help you bring your ideas to life.  

With a whole raft of talks, videos and other information available, you'll always have somewhere to turn when your brain starts buzzing.  And if the buzzing gets too much (hello middle-of-the-night-descents-into-madness!) just hop online and follow a guided meditation to help settle your thoughts.

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