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The Spectacular Challenge to £1 million

Let's do this!

Bonuses: Networking Event for The Challenge and Vision Boarding Workshop!

£37 to Kickstart January 2021


We will be holding a Vision Boarding workshop in the community which you can attend Live or Watch later - let's get VISUAL for the year ahead and what we want to create for January!

It will be at 9.30am GMT on Wednesday 20th January 2021 on Zoom!

Vision Boarding too!! YES PLEASE! Sign me up!

Ready to make 2021 your best year yet?

Get excited and the kickstart you need for just £37!

  • Start the year from a place of SUCCESS rather than scarcity.
  • Plan what you can do differently to set yourself up for your future growth.
  • Get the focus and direction you need.
  • Join an amazing team of supportive ladies and be a part of something that will be SPECTACULAR!
  • Collectively generate £1 Million circulating back into your local economy.


I know 2020 was tough. That’s why I created this to kickstart 2021. To show you that you and your business are worth more than wishing and hoping things will get better. That with just a little help, support and motivation, you can achieve great things, even in these trying times.

You don’t have to do this alone.

We want to help and support you to start the new year with a BOOM and get FOCUSED for the year ahead!  Who wouldn’t want that?


This IS for you if you ...

  • Want to look forward to January with vim and vigour!
  • Want to find a team of motivating women entrepreneurs
  • Need to make an impact to kick off 2021!
  • Want to feel productive for the year ahead!

This IS NOT for you if you...

  • Are happy to keep looking at January as a "dud month".
  • Want your new year to start in February.
  • Are happy procrastinating ( 😱 ).
  • Don't want to be challenged to think more positively ( 😉 ).

Challenge yourself, your business and your perceptions!

We all have "those thoughts" at the beginning of a new year... YAY 1st of January, and by the 15th January, we are worrying, waiting and wondering what the year will bring. 


KICKSTART 2021 with a Team!

Picture the scene! We all wake up on the 5th January KNOWING that we are part  of a worldwide team that is aiming for 1 goal. Our collective of business women are using January to work towards creating £1 million of income between us.

It doesn't matter where you are based in the world - we will encourage each other and grow together.

It doesn't matter if you contribute £50 or £50,000 to the monthly total - it is the fact that we will be working as a motivational TEAM to give January a kick up the bum and get us all MOVING!

CLICK HERE to take ACTION towards 2021!

What Will You Get?

  • 30 days of daily prompts that will work with ANY business/industry to help you and support you during the month.
  • a spreadsheet to TRACK, TRACK, TRACK!
  • 2 Facebook Lives with me each week to get motivated and ask any questions or get help.  Think, an injection of positivity and motivation in each Live!
  • A Facebook community to get support and see how our total is doing.
  • BONUS: Vision Boarding Workshop which you can do LIVE or watch it back whenever you want!

How it will WORK!

  • You join our Facebook group that is JUST FOR US for the month on the 2-5th January.
  • We check-in through the week to come up with ideas and collaborations to BENEFIT you creating an income in January that will be contributed to our TOTAL for the month.
  • It will be a confidential process of adding your total (ain't no one seeing those numbers but you!), and then weekly we will look at where we are and how to keep up the momentum and motivation!
  • You will be given a spreadsheet to use to track (if you want to)!
  • Turn up to the Facebook Lives to get any help and to hear the GOOD NEWS!

We need to have a goal, so that we know what we are aiming for, then we work with a plan and ACHIEVE!

£37 to join us and create FOCUS for 2021

Tithing and impact is a value of my business!

£2 from every sale goes to NO LIMITS charity and we want to get the money to them before Christmas!  They will be helping countless homeless children over the winter months, I love that this Challenge will be supporting them in doing that.

The Happy Business Mastermind is 4 months for us to GET CLEAR and GET FOCUSED and here is what is included:

2 x 1:1 calls per month (1 hour per call)

1 x Group call per month (1 hour per call)

4 x Trudy Triage calls over the 4 month period - 15 min calls to get you UNSTUCK and moving forward - PRICELESS

We start in earnest in January 2021 - online on Zoom

Trudy Simmons

Founder of The Daisy Chain Group, creator of The Spectacular Online Business Symposium, Creator and Founder of The Hampshire Women's Business Community and The Hampshire Women's Business Awards. 

Trudy has had her own business for over 10 years and have travelled and worked around the world with an online business. 

She is a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach for women entrepreneurs and knows that for women to be visible in their businesses, we need to increase our happiness-factor, which helps motivate us and builds our confidence. ANYTHING that The Daisy Chain Group does has an element of fun - whilst being very practical and implementable for your business.

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