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The Spectacular Online Business Symposium

Meet our SPECTACULAR Speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and provide helpful training and encouragement.

Marsha Shandur

Topic: How to engage your dream clients by telling captivating stories

You’ll discover:

  • The power of storytelling in building connection, trust and understanding.
  • The rules for how to tell ANY story in a way that is compelling, transmits essential information and creates connection
  • Which stories to tell… and which ones not to!
  • Actionable skills you can put into practice right away

Marsha Shandur (of Yes Yes Marsha) is a Storytelling, Communication and Speaker Coach who has taught hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and professionals across Canada, the US and the UK, including speaking at World Domination Summit in Portland and working with clients like HelloFresh, University of Toronto and TJX Companies Inc. She is the host, organizer and Storytelling Coach for True Stories Toronto, the city’s largest storytelling show

Before launching Yes Yes Marsha and her career as a Storytelling Coach, Marsha spent 15 years working as a Radio DJ, where she gained a powerful understanding of how to tell stories in a way that fosters connection, trust, engagement and loyalty. Her work has been featured in Forbes, the BBC and Mashable.

Discover how to Be Unforgettable, transform the way you think about storytelling and networking — and see Marsha in a LOT of wigs at YesYesMarsha

Deep Bajwa

Topic: The Art of the Elegant Sell

You'll discover:

  • Knowing how to sell in an authentic way to you.
  • Why building relationships that go beyond the sale is key to your continued success.
  • Being able to sell effortlessly and gracefully.

Deep Bajwa is the business coach for ambitious professionals who want to scale their businesses.

I’ve travelled the path from budget to luxury so I’ve shared the frustrations, I’ve hit those roadblocks and I’ve heard all of the – “But I just don’t seem to be able to attract those high end clients” excuses – to be honest I’ve even said them myself.

So, believe me, I get it. But because I’ve been there, I know exactly what steps you need to take to revolutionise your business and the clients you attract. I will teach you the same strategies and techniques that I used as I reinvented my own business.

No waffle, no fluff. Just a clear process.

Deep Bajwa - The Well Heeled Coach

Cat Faith

Topic: Living Fully - Find your wild

You'll discover:

  • How to create intention
  • How to be visible with confidence
  • How to find your WILD!

Cat Faith is a Modern Shaman, Health Educator, teacher and founder of the international platform Do Good Academy.

In her practice, she combines ancient shamanic teachings with neuroscience. She assists people in breaking repetitive patterns, clearing past life imprints, deconstructing limiting beliefs, healing trauma, understanding dis-ease, soul loss and dealing with intrusive energies.

Cat accesses a diverse spectrum of healing techniques, teaching the Spoken Ancient Shamanic Traditions and collaborating with tribes, healers, masters and teachers from all over the world.

At the core of her teachings lies INCA shamanism, derived from the medicine men and women of the Q’ero tradition.

She has been practicing energetic medicine since 2009, training in London and Romania at the Spirit of the Inca School, and also in Peru, learning directly from the Q’ero wisdom keepers.

Cat Faith

Laura Henshall

Topic: Love Your Story - Share your magic with public speaking

You'll discover:

  • An easy, simple way to structure your content. 
  • Preparation skills to relieve stress
  • Crafting your story for camera or stage
  • Inviting others to work with you

Laura Henshall is an international speaker, actress and artist who leads workshops and seminars giving people the support and encouragement they need to discover their true self-confidence and share it with the world.

Through her work, Laura guides us to connect with our inner confidence and turn our ideas and experiences into powerful ways of communicating.

Her experience as a speaker and storyteller has seen her share her talks on stages in UK, New York and Australia. She has gone on to support others to TEDx stages around the globe and grow their businesses through the medium of powerful speaking.  Her work is holistic, playful and transformative.

Renowned for her fun warm ups, passion for feminine leadership and to be a voice for the voiceless, Laura has been featured in CEO Magazine Sydney Morning Herald and co-hosted radio show Inspire talk. 

Originally from Manchester UK. Laura travelled the world which led her to the beaches of Sydney where she now lives with her husband and three young daughters.

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Monique Basil-Wright

Topic: Scheduling for your Success

Monique Basil-Wright, founder of The Wright Stationery supports ambitious business owners to get organised and gain control over their schedule through identifying their planning method and creating a bespoke planner that suits their lifestyle. 

Monique helps her clients to let go of the overwhelm so they can plan effectively while taking consistent, intentional and impactful steps to achieve their goals. 

Her combined experience as an Online Business Manager and obsession with creating beautiful and functional stationery gets her clients results that they are proud of at the end of each day, week, month, quarter and year!

The Wright Stationery

Trudy Simmons

Topic: Creating Clarity

Trudy is a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach with 20 years of experience in helping business colleagues and women entrepreneurs to work out WHAT they want to do, WHY they want to do it and HOW to GET IT DONE!

She lives to show her entrepreneurial audience how to become more successful by taking inspired action, creating and engaging with their audience to grow their businesses from a place of clarity, direction and FOCUS.

Trudy Simmons of The Daisy Chain Group


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