The Spectacular Business Symposium

Meet our Spectacular speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and provide helpful training and encouragement.

Lauryn Bradley

Management consultant, best-selling author and entrepreneur with over 20+ years experience growing successful businesses! Lauryn launched her most recent multi-six figure global business 15 months ago with nothing but a laptop and a smile.

At The Spectacular, Lauryn will reveal her secret sauce tips to grow your business, show you how you too can become an ideas machine and lastly, she will leave you with your own personalised short-term action plan to kick start your business growth.

Zoe Weldon

Brand strategy expert, social media consultant and powerhouse presenter, Zoë found her stride as Head of Community and Marketing at Lululemon Athletica where she grew the innovative brand from 1 to 24 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

She thrives on humanizing brands and teaching them how to attract engaged tribes to become game-changing global brands.

Nail social media for your business like a boss! Find out how to use the top social media platforms to grow your audience, turn fans into paying clients + be beaming proud of your online presence. 

Emma Veiga-Malta

Emma Veiga-Malta has 20 years experience in art, design and creative business. Emma designs video backdrops and branding for home-based entrepreneurs who need an inspiring, creative yet strategic visual identity across all business touch points.

In her talk, Emma will be sharing inspiring ideas, practical tips and useful how-to's for you to improve and grow your own business through your branding and visuals.


Jane Seaman

Jane’s experience includes careers as a spa consultant, director and manager of people, (even a stint in the military!) and running her own private health practise. Her specialist ability is to activate and move energy through the body, mind, emotions and soul to create health and balance in life, relationships and business.

Join Jane to discover her secrets of getting your body, mind and emotions moving from a state of negative to positive to create a zone of neutral space and how you can re-charge your energy through mindful living, movement and meditation. It’s going to be fun, informative and inspiring!


Laura Payne-Stanley

Laura is a serial entrepreneur, founding an award winning online platform, and a master Business and Success Coach, providing boutique mentoring for amazing entrepreneurs.

Come and listen to Laura and learn how to get more clients & customers saying “hell yes!” in a way that feels authentic,
comfortable and is showcasing your personality, whether you sell services or products.

Trudy Simmons

Trudy Simmons of The Daisy Chain Group.

Trudy is a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach with 20 years of experience in helping business colleagues and women entrepreneurs to work out WHAT they want to do, WHY they want to do it and HOW to GET IT DONE!

She lives to show her entrepreneurial audience how to become more successful by taking inspired action, creating and engaging with their audience to grow their businesses from a solid foundation.


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