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The Spectacular Online Business Symposium - 17th-18th March 2021

Are you ready to RECHARGE and GROW in 2021? Want to bring more sales and visibility into your business?

Join us in this years Spectacular Business Symposium on 17th - 18th March 2021 and let's make it happen!

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The Spectacular Online Business Symposium is on the 17th and 18th March 2021

Tickets are available until the 16th March 2021! So get in quick and join us!









Do you find yourself hiding away from selling and getting visible? You know you need to do it, to grow your business, but fear gets in the way! Sound familiar?!

It's time to change that!

Imagine how it would feel to:
  • Get rid of the fear once and for all and learn how to sell with ease
  • Finally be visible in your business and show up with confidence CONSISTENTLY
  • Be able to easily build know, like and trust with your ideal clients so that they are ready and waiting to buy
  • Create a tailored, realistic action plan to take your business from surviving to thriving

Sound good?!

These are just some of the things we will be sharing inside the Spectacular Business Symposium!

So what are you waiting for?!

Book your ticket TODAY!

This isn’t just another business conference!

Oh no...!

As well as the incredible speakers, we also have the Implementation Day (which will be on the 2nd day) where we will work with you to create a tailored, practical action plan to ensure that what you learn is then implemented into your business.

We want to make sure that you take action and get the accountability you need to do this to get real results and GROWTH for your business!

Reclaim control. Take action.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Visible! 


Learn from a range of successful women in business, who will be sharing their knowledge, experience and top tips for business growth.


Feel the support of a networking community full of like-minded business women just like you.

THIS is The Answer to your Business Growth in 2021!

Here is what I have seen in business and what I know works for growth. 


I get it, it is scary to put yourself out there. It took me 4 years to do my first Facebook Live - that was 4 years of wasted time, thinking, wishing and wanting to do it - BUT NOT DOING IT. 

It is that feeling of being brave and vulnerable at the same time.

The Spectacular Online Business Symposium is a unique online business conference providing you with all the knowledge, tools, ideas and inspiration you need to gain the confidence in bringing visibility and viability back to your business ..... and the support to make it a reality.

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When you buy a ticket for

The Spectacular Online Business Symposium

you will learn:

  • How to sell with HEART and authenticity
  • How to make selling easy and feel excited about it (not "icky")
  • How to craft your engaging business story
  • How to use your business story to attract your ideal clients
  • How to use public speaking to grow your business, whether you are standing on stage, or doing a daily video
  • How to change your energy to FIND YOUR WILD, which gives you courage and confidence

All from amazing business women who have been there, done it, and want to share their secrets with you.

Plus, you get to network with hundreds of other brilliant business women, all without having to leave the comfort of your own home – or even change out of your pyjamas!

Book your ticket today! Tickets are only available until the 16th March!

What Will You Get For Your 2 Days?

Since we can’t attend conferences in the "normal way", this new online symposium will offer something a little different.

As well as networking and hobnobbing with other super-successful business women, you’ll have direct access to speakers who can help you transform your business.

We will help you to:

  • Get clarity on your goals, and how to maximise your zone of genius
  • Create a roadmap for your business, with actionable plans to help you achieve those goals - this is in the Implementation Day
  • Understand the changes you need to make for a sustainable business, and what it looks like when you get there
  • Walk out with actionable, implementable plans, which you can start using the very next day to grow your business

And this is how we are going to do it...  together.


Network with an international audience, meet new clients, make new friends, create new opportunities and expand your mindset!


Get direct help and support from international speakers and teachers, with lifetime access to the presentations and resources.


Discover and enhance the communication with your audience.

It all starts with saying YES to investing in YOU.

This event isn’t about listening to people talk and then doing nothing with it. So if you aren't ready to TAKE ACTION... this isn't for you!

If you join us in this event, you will come away with something real, something actionable, and the inner fire you need to make it happen. So do it, and see what spectacular things you can achieve.


Can you create it? YES YOU CAN, with belief, the dream and a little bit of Spectacular sprinkled for you!

What are the transformative outcomes from coming to The Spectacular Online Business Symposium?

Mindset expansion in what you know, what you can achieve and who you know!

Mental wellbeing from being around others who "get-it" - we are all on a similar journey, just at different stages. 

Money - WHEN you implement all that you have learned and apply it to your business, increased income, where you might not have seen it before!

And this is how we are going to do it...  together.


Be a part of networking with an international audience.

Networking can create massive opportunities for new friends, new colleagues, new clients and a wider mindset!


Get direct help and support from international teachers and speakers with Lifetime Access* to the whole she-bang after the event in our own membership area.


Discover and enhance the MAGIC in your business to help you build your confidence. 

It all starts with saying YES to you!

Let's Look to the FUTURE!

2020 has been.... different (right??!!).

We have all felt the things that have not benefited us in our growth mindset for ourselves and our businesses.  I have seen the pressure and hardship faced over this time and I want to help you by giving you the ability to learn from the right mentors, at the right time... 

Now is the time to dust ourselves off and MOVE FORWARD with your expanded  dreams into 2021.

We've created the opportunities for you to learn, see and FEEL the bigger and better future ahead.


These speakers have been purposefully selected to provide you the answers to the BIG questions that you have. The HOW's, the WHY's, the WHAT's and then the TAKING ACTION towards what you WANT.

Can you create it? YES YOU CAN, with belief, the dream and a little bit of Spectacular MAGIC sprinkled for you!

Don't Delay - Book your ticket today!

Meet Your Spectacular Speakers

Now is a time to look to the future. To get up off the ground, dust off the stresses of last year and set yourself up for the year ahead.

For that, you need a plan.

You need ideas, inspiration, and the drive to make changes and put the motivation back into your business.

And how will you get all of that?

From our Spectacular Speakers. We’ve picked each one to solve a problem, answer a question and inspire you to take action today.

Click below to learn more about each one, and what magical things they can teach you.

Learn more about the Spectacular Speakers HERE

Marsha Shandur Topic: How to engage your dream clients by telling captivating stories.

Deep Bajwa Topic: The Art of The Elegant Sell

Cat Faith Topic: Living Fully - Find your wild

Monique Basil-Wright Topic: Scheduling for your Success

Trudy Simmons Topic: Clarity and Confidence in Business

Laura Henshall Topic: Love Your Story - Share your magic with public speaking

So if you’re done with "wishing, wanting and wondering" and are ready to reclaim control, you need to buy your tickets to The Spectacular today.

And get ready – your business will never be the same.

Timings for the 2 days!

 2 DAYS to get your business PLANNED for success!  Day 1 is about receiving information and learning. Day 2 is the Implementation Day for getting your Action Plan together for how to implement what you have learned into YOUR business.

Day 1 runs from 9.30am - 5pm (GMT)

Day 2 runs from 10am - 3pm (GMT)

The Spectacular Main Event - 17th March 2021

Β£97 / $127USD

  • 6 international speakers each with insightful information, support and practical strategies to help you plan and implement for growth and visibility.
  • Networking with like-minded business women, all looking to grow their businesses.
  • A range of fun activities.
  • Lifetime access to all the presentations and resources after the event.


The Spectacular Main Event PLUS 18th Mar 2021 Implementation Day

Β£127 / $157USD

  • Everything included in The Spectacular Main Event ticket.
  • PLUS: Fully facilitated Virtual Working Day on the 18th March, to help you implement your plans and lessons from the event.
  • Accountability - to state what you’re going to do with your plans.
  • Trudy Simmons will be on hand for all 2 days for support, advice, clarity and direction.





Ladies. I know last year was tough, for all of us.

That’s why I created this event. To show you that you and your business are worth more than wishing and hoping things will get better.

That, with just a little help, you can achieve great things, even in these "new normal" times.

You don’t have to do this alone.

We can help you create and build your dream business, and reclaim some yourself.

Who wouldn’t want that?

~ Trudy x

Trudy Simmons

The Founder of The Spectacular and your Hostess with the Mostess... Trudy Simmons.

My purpose and vision in my business (The Daisy Chain Group), is to entertain you in your business - when we laugh, we grow happier; when we are happier, we are more motivated; with more motivation, our confidence grows and with more confidence, we are able to be visible and we ALL NEED to be visible for our businesses to succeed. 

Come on this spectacular journey and find your success!

more about Trudy...

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So what are you waiting for? Click here now to confirm your place! And TAKE ACTION towards your success!