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Are You Ready To Think Expansively?

Join The Champagne Collective Mastermind For A Taste Of Luxury And Success

You Know You’re Meant For Bigger Things

You know that as a businesswoman there is nothing you can’t achieve. Oh sure, there are obstacles in your path, but you have big ideas and ambitions to achieve dizzying heights and you don’t want to “wait” for it to happen. You don’t just run a business – you love what you do.

But sometimes, the environment we find ourselves in can pull us down. It can make us shrink our mindset - focusing too much on the immediate challenges and forgetting the big picture. You know you can achieve amazing things, you're ready to reach the top of your game. You just need the right environment and to surround yourself with the right people to make it happen!

Let me introduce you to The Champagne Collective Mastermind for an exclusive group of businesswomen.

If you're ready to break through barriers and push the limits... you're in the right place! When you join the Champagne Collective Mastermind, you join a group of aspirational thinkers with a passion for success and the mindset to match. 

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Where Collaboration Meets Luxury

Once you’re inside The Champagne Collective Mastermind you’ll come together with a group of highly ambitious women who equally inspire each other, encourage new ideas and build meaningful relationships.

Our networking and collaboration sessions pair an indulgent day away with the best in business development, giving you the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, solve problems, make connections and build collaborations with some of the most motivational people we know. It’s bi-monthly meet ups and bi-monthly online networking that gives you the space to think bigger, bolder and braver than ever before.

The VIP Lounge

What’s life without the VIP treatment? When you join The Champagne Colective Mastermind you'll become a VIP. Held at our bi-monthly meet-ups, step behind the red velvet rope to access a world of no distractions and a concentration on you and your business with facilitated peer-group coaching, help, support and accountability.

The VIP Lounge brings together an exclusive group of businesswomen who want to reach the top of their fields to share knowledge, experience, and support in our monthly peer coaching session.

These select sessions leave you bubbling over with new ideas and enthusiasm, as well as arming you with the momentum and consistency you need to succeed. You will leave with the actions that you need to take to move your business forward!

There are only 10 spaces available in the Mastermind – is one of them yours?

Let me in to The Champagne Collective Mastermind

What's Included

High Level Networking

Join a group of inspirational businesswomen bi-monthly at boutique hotels across London, and in between we meet online for us to reconnect.

Peer Group Coaching

This is your VIP treatment. Held at our meet-ups, you'll step behind the red rope for your facilitated peer-group coaching. Get the support you need.

1:1 Business Coaching

Two 1:1 coaching calls taken at any time during your 6-month commitment. This is where we take everything out of your head and structure it into actionable plan.

Pick N Mix - You Choose!

Choose to join any of the additional programmes I'm running under The Daisy Chain Group - right now you can benefit from joining us in The Accountability Club.

Why Your Business Needs Champagne

Because greatness needs space to grow.

We meet at exclusive boutique hotels across London, giving you the perfect opportunity for a business getaway. Arrive the night before for an evening of dinner with friends from the group, some cocktails and time at a spa before enjoying that hotel quality sleep. Then spend the day in beautiful venues, surrounded by inspirational businesswomen who all want the same thing as you – to grow their business and take it to new heights. 

We want to celebrate all that you have achieved – with a glass of Champagne!


I'm Trudy Simmons

I’m a business coach with a real passion for networking. In my 13 years as a business owner I’ve launched my own coaching business, alongside The Spectacular Business Symposium, The Spectacular Challenge to £1 million, the Shine On You Crazy Daisy book series and accompanying podcast and The Happy Business Mastermind.

All of these ventures have one thing in common. They all give businesswomen a supportive environment to learn, grow and thrive. Working together we achieve clarity, direction and focus, all whilst boosting their visibility and making some incredible connections along the way. That’s my why, and what I love doing.

Now, I’m bringing my skills to the next level. By launching The Champagne Collective, I want to bring together businesswomen brimming with potential and help them reach new dizzy heights – and do it in style.

Want to get more of an insight into The Champagne Collective Mastermind - Book a call with me here!

Every Trudy networking event that I have ever attended has been the most incredibly uplifting and encouraging gathering.

These events bring new life, perspective and energy into my business and I always leave feeling energised and full of love for what I do.

Thank you Trudy for making these events possible.

- Sara Thornton; SEO Clarity Club

Trudy has created something really special; it often feels more like an enthusiastic-support network than just a 'networking group' and yet at the same time we are not only allowed but actively encouraged to promote our services and products! I know I will find exactly what I need, when I need it - whether that's a specific product or service, encouragement, motivation or even a shoulder to cry on.

Thank you Trudy, for making working for oneself a whole lot less lonely!

- Helen Davis; One Step Forward

I knew if I wanted to grow my business I needed to become more visible and build relationships with like-minded women. I was drawn to Trudy's group as it felt very female focused, which I found quite empowering and refreshing. For someone like me who is quite introverted by nature, I found it a safe space to ask for advice, share my work and collaborate with the other members.

Very grateful for Trudy's continued support - highly recommend!

- Gemma Storey; Infinity Creative

When and Where are the Events?

I know you want to get them scheduled and in the diary to get excited about the time away with NO distractions! 

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The Champagne Collective Mastermind Monthly Investment


*plus VAT, 6 month commitment

  • In-person event every 2 months around London 
  • Facilitated peer group coaching held at the in-person events
  • Online networking event every 2 months to keep in touch and create cohesive relationships
  • Bi-weekly peer group coaching (online). Come with your challenges and leave with solutions!
  • 2 x 1:1 calls with me to take everything out of your head and structure it into actionable plans
  • A private community to rely on for support and encouragement
  • A "pick-n-mix" of anything else that you want to add in! YOU CHOOSE! 

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