The Chain Reaction Mastermind

4 months to gain clarity, focus, accountability and productivity!

That is what I need! Call me!

1:1 Coaching

Once a month.  We will get into your head and extract all the lists of things-to-do and all the plans and ideas that you have and whittle them down to the things that you WANT to do, so that you are building a solid foundation for YOUR business. Building then begins with clarity, accountability, focus and direction!

Let's create the chain reaction to getting you back IN CONTROL of your future. 

Group Calls

Once a month, our small group (no more than 8) have a call all together to talk about the next steps that needs to be taken for you to feel and be PRODUCTIVE. This gives you a small group of supporters to give you a WOO HOO when you are celebrating and a virtual HUG when you need it! 

About me!

Hi I’m Trudy Simmons, a Clarity Coach and I show women that business can be joyful. I love showing women how to create abundant lives through getting clarity on their goals. I will help you find out what you want to do, why and then how to make it happen.

I give you permission to be who you really are.

I have a treasure trove of stories along with a truck load of empathy (and a bit of hard arse!) I show entrepreneurial women the way to their own road to success by getting clarity and taking inspired action. The magic is in the follow up so I’m there with you to see it through.

You can be anything you damn well choose. And I insist on that.

Do you feel....

  • Stuck
  • Alone
  • Driectionless
  • Lacking in productivity and effectiveness?
  • Like you are meant for bigger things and you don't know how to get there?

Do you want to....

  • Be focused
  • Have clarity
  • Feel supported
  • Be accountable
  • See business growth
  • Be productive
  • See the BIG PICTURE

How does it all work?

Every 2 weeks we speak, whether that is 1:1 or in the group. You feel accountable, you become productive, you know where you are going and what you want to achieve AND you have the support and passion to GET THERE! That is how it works! See what you can achieve in 4 months.....

Call me... let's have a chat!

You will only know if you want to work with me, if you speak to me! This mastermind is for a limited number of people, I only take 8 for our 4 month journey. We will have a lovely conversation to work out if we can work together to move you to where you would like to get to! It is just a chat!

Your Investment

The Chain Reaction Mastermind AND The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club

£1000* if paid upfront

*or 4 x £260

  • 4 x 1:1 calls
  • 4 x Group Coaching Calls
  • Private FB group for support and immediate solutions
  • Ongoing email and phone support

PLUS Access to a years membership to The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club - a monthly online workshop for your business growth. 

This is a saving of 50% on The Crazy Daisy Clarity Club! 

Oh, yes PLEASE! Call me!

The Chain Reaction Mastermind

from £800*

or 4 x £210 monthly payments

  • 4 x 1:1 calls
  • 4 x Group Coaching Calls
  • Private FB group for support and immediate solutions
  • Ongoing email and phone support
  • Pay upfront or monthly payments
I am IN! Call Me

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The next mastermind starts on the 15th October









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