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You know what it's like to have your own business - whether you've just started out, or you're a seasoned sole trader, the isolation you can feel sitting behind your computer, and the rabbit-holes that your mind wanders down because you're working alone, can be long... and windy πŸ˜€

This is a chance to surround yourself with local business women who all "get it".  Whether you have children at home or a partner who doesn't know how to support your business, the community gets it.  Whether you are solely responsible for your business visibility or you are part of a team, the community gets it. They also get that we ALL need to have, and grow, an audience to have a business! 

Here are the ways that we are helping to make sure that you are NOT ALONE and you have the help that you need if and when you need it. 

AND... when you sign up below, you get a 14 day FREE trial to come and be a part of the community before you commit to joining us (HINT.... you won't want to leave πŸ˜‰)

The Hampshire Women's Business Facebook Group Rules

This group has been created to encourage, support and motivate Hampshire businesses. I would like this group to "know" each other, so that we have the ability to refer business and KNOW that it is in good hands. The only way to do this is for you to let us know who you are and then engage in the group and be a part of each other's success.

If you need help, please let us know. If you want to advertise your services, please make sure that you are giving as much (or more) than you are advertising.  

You can post ANYTHING (other than links to your groups) in here.  There is no need to ask. We want to see you and your personality shine through your products and services!  This means... PLEASE don't dump/share posts from your business pages without writing a sentence when you post it to engage with the group. If you share a post without a sentence, it will be deleted.

Value you and your business - and value the other businesses in the community.

This is for positive women who want to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of the wider community.
You are welcome here... be kind to each other and LET'S GROW our businesses!

The Crazy Daisy Networking Club

If you are working for yourself and wishing that you could meet a beautiful bunch of bountiful business women - then now is your chance! 

This is online networking, for 1 easy monthly subscription.

If you have never been to networking, or are worried about coming along, we get it!  It just takes those courageous 5 seconds to turn from wishing you had, to actually doing it - take the plunge, we are a friendly bunch :) 

WARNING: You will leave these events fully motivated and enthusiastic to be productive!

We hope to meet you soon :) 

I love an option! What have you got!

Ta da.... here are 2 options for you, depending on where you want to take your business this year! Join the community OR join the community and build know, like and trust in online networking πŸ˜‰


Β£35 + VAT


FREE 14 day trial of our community

Membership to our online portal

Access to a thriving Facebook Community

Advertise your business to our community

Why not add networking ...

Community - Yes Please!


Β£29 + VAT


Want to grow your audience and your commuity?

The Crazy Daisy Networking Club - As many online networking events as you can get to, per month

Networking and Community! Yes Please!

What's in the Membership?

I'm so pleased you asked πŸ˜‰

A cacophony of the little things that build to the BIG things. You can go here for 3-minute motivational videos, ideas on business books to read, meditations to set you up for the future success and lots more!

Plus so much support from our members to help you to grow your business and gain knowledge.

"I cannot recommend Trudy and The Daisy Chain Group highly enough. Trudy has been mentoring me for a while. During our conversations she has stretched and challenged me. I am more focused and have more confidence- I believe in myself and my business. Trudy helped me to look at what I really want to achieve and set out a plan to actually do it. Not only has my business grown but so have I. Don’t hesitate for a second- book that call today. You will not regret it xx"

Allison W
Tot Cross Buns

"I highly recommend Trudy's methods of gaining focus in business, she has the ability to see what is holding you back from growing and how best to move through it. Trudy's positive attitude and belief in me has been such a confidence booster that I'm really starting to believe in myself more and value what I do"

Katherine S
Granny Stitch and Friends

"Highly recommend the Daisy Chain Group. Trudy is an absolute gem and continues to motivate and inspire all those around her. I have found support and clarity for my business here and could not be more grateful. Thank you Trudy xx"

Eloise E
This is Eloise

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